2011 week-43 South Sound chum Apple Cove Point purse-seine test fishery results (10/19/2011)

The second week of test fishing at Apple Cove Point was slightly better than last week.

The tides were again deemed to be favorable, with the flood beginning about 2 hours before sunrise.

We caught a total of 254 chum (along with 11 coho) in six sets. The breakdown by set was:

Set 1      26 chum (plus 1 coho)

Set 2      36 chum (plus 5 coho)

Set 3      55 chum (plus 2 coho)

Set 4      6 chum

Set 5      9 chum

Set 6      122 chum (plus 3 coho)

The chum catch was 57% male. The age-breakdown of the chum catch will be posted here when it becomes available.

The 2011 pre-season forecast total for South/Central Sound chum was around 487,500 (430,000 wild + 57,500 hatchery).

Questions can be directed to Bill Patton at the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission  <wpatton@nwifc.org>  (360) 528-4383.

The next test fishery will occur on Thursday, Oct. 27.