2011 week-44 South Sound chum Apple Cove Point purse-seine test fishery results (10/27/2011)

Test fishing at Apple Cove Point produced better results this week.

The tides were not ideal, but not considered to be too unfavorable. It was ebbing in the morning and flooding in the afternoon.

We caught a total of 974 chum (along with 9 coho and 4 Chinook) in six sets. The breakdown by set was:

Set 1      99 chum (plus 1 coho)

Set 2      85 chum (plus 1 coho)

Set 3      265 chum (plus 2 coho)

Set 4      125 chum (plus 1 coho and 3 Chinook)

Set 5      260 chum (plus 2 coho)

Set 6      140 chum (plus 2 coho and 1 Chinook)

Our chum sample was exactly 50% female. The age-breakdown will be posted here once it becomes available.

The 2011 pre-season forecast total for South/Central Sound chum was around 487,500 (430,000 wild + 57,500 hatchery).

Questions can be directed to Bill Patton at the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission  <wpatton@nwifc.org>  (360) 528-4383.

The next test fishery will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 2.