2012 week-44 South Sound chum Apple Cove Point purse-seine test fishery results (10/30/2012)

Today was the fourth week of test fishing for South Puget Sound chum at Apple Cove Point near Kingston. Catches were more consistent than last week.

We caught a total of 1,259 chum in six purse seine sets:

Set 1 – 273 chum (and 2 coho)

Set 2- 86 chum (and 1 coho)

Set 3 – 249 chum (and 6 coho and 2 Chinook)

Set 4 – 117 chum (and 4 coho)

Set 5- 240 chum (and 4 coho)

Set 6 – 294 chum (1 coho)

The age breakdown will be posted here when it becomes available.

This week’s sample (n=240) was 53% females, closer to to normal than last week’s highly skewed sex ratio.

Questions can be directed to Bill Patton at the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission  <wpatton@nwifc.org>  (360) 528-4383.

The next test fishery is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 7.