Technical Meetings

Dungeness Crab – Informational Meeting

August 2015  Agenda

  1. Estimating Sustainable Yield for the Dungeness Crab Stock in Puget Sound. (Conrad – Draft August 2015)  Presentation
  2. Evaluating Dungeness Crab Bycatch in Oregon Fisheries. (Noelle Yochum – OSU)
  3. Contaminants in Puget Sound Dungeness Crab and Spot Prawn. (Joan Hardy – DoH)
  4. Escape Ring Modifications to Reduce Female and Sub-legal Male Crab Retention. (George Stearns – Puyallup Tribe)
  5. Minimum Size for Retention in the Dungeness Crab Fishery. Minimun Size Table (David Fyfe – NWIFC)

August 2016

  1. Estimating Sustainable Yield for Dungeness Crab Stock  in Puget Sound (B. Conrad – NWIFC) Presentation
  2. Escape ring location and size updated (George Stearns – Puyallup Tribe)
  3. Reconsidering Minimum Size (Dave Fyfe – NWIFC)
  4. Crab Size Frequency Data (Don Velasquez – WDFW)

December 2017

Agenda: Crab-Shrimp–Agenda-Dec-5-2017

  1. Review of WDFW Dungeness Crab Creel Survey Pilot Study in Area 8-1 and 8-2 July 2017 (Bob Conrad) 2017-Creel-Survey-Results-Technical
  2. Some Preliminary Analysis Examining Sample Sizes for Shrimp Assessment Surveys (Bob Conrad) Shrimp-Sampling-2017-2
  3. A Tale of Two Crabbies: Temperature Effects on the Bioenergetics of Dungeness and Graceful Crabs  (P.Sean McDonald)
  4. Green Crab  (P. Sean McDonald)

December 12, 2018

Crab Larval and Juvenile Workshop

  1. Workshop agenda: CrabWorkshopAgenda
  2. Meeting notes: MeetingNotes_Dec2018_CrabWorkingGroup
  3. Presentations: McDonald_bioenergetics-12_20171  and McDonald-greencrab-12_20171
  4. Swinomish Crab Abundance Monitoring Paper: swin_cr_2018_02_cookscamp
  5. Light Trap sites: